April 14, 2010


These photos crack me up!  They were taken in the San Francisco ferry building where you can find some of the most unusual flavors in town. They basically describe a lot about me: Always eating, thinking and talking about food.  I generally try to not have food in my mouth when a picture is being taken, but I seem to have a lot of photos of me eating. Food makes me happy. I don’t eat to be happy, im generally a happy person; but I have been told that I genuinely “light up” when a plate is set before me. Can you blame me?

I was born and raised in Los Angeles into a large Mexican family that I adore. My dad dared me $20 when I was 6 to eat an entire Jalapeño and I’ve loved spicy foods ever since. I guess my love for food stems from my mom who made the best homemade dinners every night when my sisters and I were growing up. Now that im on my own, I like cooking for others and sharing what I learn in the process.

Kitchen237  is where I reside and where most of my eating, learning and discussing of food takes place. Feel free to share your thoughts, suggestions or opinions on any of my posts and if you have any questions feel free to comment.

Welcome 🙂