May 12, 2010

Let me begin by mentioning that I’ve wanted a Cuisinart (more specifically, their  food processor) for a while. I’d see the Chefs on TV effortlessly chopping and pureeing every ingredient they could in their food processors and I just had to have one! I could never get myself to actually buy one because I would make due without it.

To my surprise, I got one this past Christmas! It was the smaller model, only 3 cups; but it’s just what I needed! I could easily chop up hard cheeses and nuts, it made the little things like mincing garlic much more bearable too (especially when my hands didn’t smell like garlic for days after).  After using it for a few things, I don’t know how I ever lived without one! So you can imagine my reaction when I came home from a short weekend trip to find my poor little Cuisinart MELTED onto the stoves burner!

I soon found out that my roomie had accidentally left it on the stove while the oven was on 😦

Not all was lost. We managed to pry the pieces apart and the burner was fully functional once again. My poor little Cuisinart could not be salvaged, but it was replaced. Not only did my roomie get me a brand-spanking new one, but she got me a pretty stainless steel, 4 cup upgrade!! Oh, and did I mention she also got me some fancy poultry seasonings from Dean & Deluca? (which I plan on using very soon, stay tuned) So accidents happen, we live and learn. I hope I’m not the only one to have had a  meltdown in the  kitchen, feel free to share yours!


Wow. This was attempt #2. For a cake that’s called “The Impossible cake” because it’s supposedly impossible to mess up… it’s really failing me. I think this cake should now be called “The Impossible for Felicia to make cake” because that’s how its turning out!


So this time I forgot to butter the pan :/  In my defense, I was doing a million things at once and I maybe wasn’t giving it the attention it deserved. Attempt #3 will not be done by me so you can finally get a picture of what this cake should look like. You will be in Awe.

File this under MAJOR kitchen casualty! My roomie and I had planned to make  this really delicious chocolate and flan cake (recipe coming soon). After spending too many hours driving around town trying to get all the ingredients and tools to bake something in a previously no-bake kitchen, we finally gathered everything we needed and had ourselves the makings of a really beautiful cake. Well…. here’s where that ended up.

Note to self: Invest in non-slip oven mitts.  Attempt #2 will be posted soon!

Stoneware vs. Cast-iron

April 16, 2010

I had previously purchased a lovely Le Creuset pot, on sale! $65. Thats a steal, right?! So just to make sure I was getting the correct tool I needed, I explained to the sales girl that I wanted the one  you can use on the stove top and then transfer into the oven. The best invention ever. I got a clear “YES! this is the one” and after a couple more “Are you sure?? cause it’s really inexpensive for a Le Creuset pot” she assured me that I would love my new pot . So,  I left dreaming about all the wonderful dishes I would make with my new purchase.

Too good to be true 😦 I started with a little rice on the stove top, less than 2 minutes later… IT SHATTERS! Luckily, no one was hurt.

Lesson to be learned:

There is a difference between Stoneware and cast-iron. Stoneware is for baking. cast-iron is the one I want and costs hundreds more. Lesson learned.  And don’t worry, I returned that shattered pot and got my money back; im saving up for that shiny cast-iron one.